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Report: Children Taken Away from Parents by CPS Wind Up in Sex Trafficking Trade
Splenda's Dangers Coming To Light; Toxic Dioxin Release When Used In Baking
Further Strong Evidence Emerges To Support Aspartame-Alzheimer's Link
Yoplait 86's Aspartame In Marketing Ploy, Replaces With Dangerous CFC Sucralose
The Dark Side Of Excitotoxins & How To Detoxify From Them
Leading British Scientist Defies European Health Safety Authority On Aspartame "Safety," Calls For Unbiased Investigation Into Aspartame Dangers
IRONY: Toxic Bacon/Pork Curing Preservative Sodium Nitrite To Be Used To Poison 5m+ Feral Hogs In US
SALT NAZIS: FDA Tries To Coerce Food Makers/Companies To Cut Salt Use Nationwide; Companies Look To MSG To Fill The Gap
Phenylketonuria and Aspartame - Just How Dangerous
MSG Trojan Horse 'Carrageenan' Being Snuck Into Plethora Of Organic Foods/Brands; What To Know
Study Shows Selenium Helps Alleviate Excitotoxin-Induced PTSD Via Reduction of Oxidative Stress
Consumer Backlash Spurs Mega-Successful Food Chain Panera Bread To (Supposedly) Eliminate All Artificial Food Additives By 2016
Artificial Sweeteners - The Unbiased Truth
Scrambled Brains - What The Chemical Cocktail of Synthetic Food Additives Is Doing To Humanity; Over 40 Additives Examined
Can You Spot the Synthetic Sweeteners In Your Food/Drink?
HUMOR: Diet Soda Healthier, More Effective for Weight Loss Claims Recent Coca-Cola Funded Propaganda "Study"
NO SAFE CHOICE: Which Is Better For You - Aspartame, Aminosweet, Or Plain Ol' Sugar?
Are Inflammatory Food Ingredients Like Aspartame Causing Your Depression?
CORRUPTION INC. - FDA Approves New "High-Intensity" Sweetner Advantame Based On Maker's Own Biased "Safety" Research
New Journal Study Proves Aspartame Intake Greatly Increases Depression, Irritability, and Negatively Effects Balance
Beware Aspartame's New Disguise; Now Rebranded "AminoSweet"
Hundreds of stranded drivers forced to FORAGE for food after being stuck in thick snow on Kentucky highway for more than 12 HOURS in 2,000 mile wide winter storm
The Uncorrupted Truth On Artificial Sweeteners
Can Sweetener Aspartame Actually Cause You To Go Blind? The Reality
Killing Yourself Deliciously With Excitotoxin MSG
Cargill's GMO Sweetener 'Truvia' Found To Be Powerful Insecticide; Fruit Flies Fed Sweetener Live 1500% Shorter Lives
5 Everyday "Foods" That Were Engineered Intentionally Te Be Extremely Addictive
MSG Laden Non-Dairy Creamer Proves To Be FLAMMABLE! (Video)
Japan's Flavor Maker Ajinomoto Branding New 'AminoSweet' - New Name Of Aspartame, Same Dangers
Food "Technology" - 4 Dangerous Food Ingredients That Should Have NEVER Been Invented
Dietary Flavanoid-Influenced Eicosanoid 'Prostacyclin' Shown To Offer Neuroprotective Benefit From Excitotoxins
5 Disgusting Additives In Your Food That Will Make You Cringe
MSG 'Critical' Factor In Surge Of Obesity, Syndrome X, Insulin Disorders, Says New Study
SHOCK: Study Finds Over 56 Companies Secretly Using 250+ Unlabeled Chemical Additives In Foods Under Fallacious FDA 'GRAS' Designation
Toxic Food Additives Linked To Many Health Problems, Says Respected Neurosurgeon
Further Research Evidence That MSG Causes/Amplifies Obesity, Fatty Liver Disease, Etc.
Top 4 Fast Food Chains "Chicken" Nuggets Laden With MSG, Sodium Phosphates
FRIED: Your Brain On Aspartame - Recent Studies Prove Cognitive Debilitation At Best, Another Study Cancelled Due to Side Effects
Aspartame Era Nearing End? Recent Studies Further Add Nails to the Coffin of Aspartame Dangers
The 5 Most Dangerous Artificial Sweeteners In Your Diet - What To Look Out For
The Problem-Reaction-Solution of Aspartame and SSRI's
Study Proves Aspartame/MSG Extensively Alters Genetic Expression, Leads to Diabetic Traits and Obesity

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